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The Devoted Dreamers Podcast

Whether you have a dream in your heart or aren’t sure what God might be calling you to, The Devoted Dreamers Podcast will encourage you on the journey. This space is dedicated to sharing stories every week of women who are following Jesus and pursuing their God-given gifts in beautifully imperfect ways. You’ll hear about the fears and challenges that threaten their dreams as well as the joy, courage and confidence that comes from following Jesus even in the unexpected…especially in the unexpected.

I’m your host, Merritt Onsa, and my prayer is that this show will meet you where you are in your walk with God. I hope you will come away from the podcast each week with encouragement to begin pursuing your own dreams even when you still feel flawed, imperfect, unfinished and not ready. Because if you wait until you are perfect, you will never take the first step. Join us!

Dec 30, 2020

Out of the darkness in her own past, Chystal Gaunt began sharing her story of domestic abuse and launched a nonprofit organization to love and serve women who have experienced the same. Her story is one of God providing for her dream repeatedly as she continues to follow His lead. Even though she went through a season of overwhelm and burnout, God provided a new vision and paved the way for each baby step along the way.

If you or someone you love has experienced domestic violence, this episode will be an encouragement to your heart and will provide resources for your healing and recovery.

Chystal and I talk about the uncomfortable experience of navigating the unknown and living in the messy moments with Jesus before you know what will happen on the other side. She talks about God calling her to something bigger than what she feels and something more important than what people think about it.

Listen in to Chystal’s story and then ask the Lord if He will give you eyes to see and a heart to live in obedience to what God is calling you to.

You’ll also gain insight on:

  • The ways that God can use the pain from your past for you to love, serve and comfort others,
  • Why you can stop worrying so much about what other people think and focus instead on being obedient to what you understand God is calling you to, and
  • That it’s biblical to live in the messy moments and keep going, even when you cannot see the blessing to come.

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