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The Devoted Dreamers Podcast

Whether you have a dream in your heart or aren’t sure what God might be calling you to, The Devoted Dreamers Podcast will encourage you on the journey. This space is dedicated to sharing stories every week of women who are following Jesus and pursuing their God-given gifts in beautifully imperfect ways. You’ll hear about the fears and challenges that threaten their dreams as well as the joy, courage and confidence that comes from following Jesus even in the unexpected…especially in the unexpected.

I’m your host, Merritt Onsa, and my prayer is that this show will meet you where you are in your walk with God. I hope you will come away from the podcast each week with encouragement to begin pursuing your own dreams even when you still feel flawed, imperfect, unfinished and not ready. Because if you wait until you are perfect, you will never take the first step. Join us!

Dec 4, 2020

This bonus episode is just for you if you’ve ever felt a tug to launch your own podcast. I’m collaborating with my friend and fellow podcaster Natalie Arent to share what we learned from launching our own podcasts (and how we can help you get over the hurdles faster and easier than we did when we first launched).

Three things we wished we knew before we stated podcasting:

#1 - If you're bootstrapping your podcast, it's going to take way longer than you think.

#2 - Your podcast is a test run for your message as it evolves and as YOU grow into using your voice.

#3 - The internal battle is REAL and you need community as you take messy, scary steps forward.

Listening to this episode, you’ll gain insights on how:

  • The techy obstacles really are not the things standing in your way,
  • Podcasting is an opportunity to show up and refine your message,
  • Your authenticity attracts the right audience,
  • You might be hiding rather than sharing your message—and what to do instead, and
  • Community can provide the support you need to launch your show.

You have a message to share and your people need to hear it from YOU!

It's time to launch your podcast, dreamer!!

Join us January 4th - February 26th for a beta podcast program as we walk you step-by-step through launching and growing your own podcast.


✅ You're ready to show up consistently in your business/dream in a way that works around your family.
✅ You want to create evergreen content that doesn't disappear within a few hours (or minutes!)
✅ You've got a message to share with the world, and you know that a podcast is the vehicle to do it!


We'll kick things off January 4th and work together for 8 weeks.

For only $197, you'll get the framework, support, and accountability you need to finally get your podcast into the world and get your systems up and running.

This is a BETA run, so we'll be building the trainings around your specific questions and feedback. It's a great opportunity to get hands-on support and accountability to get it done at a fraction of the normal price!

Spots are limited to 20 so that we can best serve you.

Doors close December 18th.

Sign up here: